3 Medscape essays

September 9, 2011 § 1 Comment

that I can only link you to!

1. Called “Melding Medicine and Art”

Last August, when reading an article about how to be a faster writer in Slate, I was referred to the example of another Slate writer, Christopher Hitchens, who after a chemo session and a dinner party, returned home late on a Sunday night to compose a Slate column in twenty minutes.

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2. Called “Up in the Air”

To help me celebrate the end of my first year of medical school, my mother bought me a couple flight lessons at an aviation center not far from our home in southern California. It was an incredibly thoughtful gift, stemming as it did from her memories of our family trip to Lake Tahoe for July 4th last year, where my sister and I got to go parasailing for the first time ever. We LOVED it. I told my mum, sans exaggeration, that I had over three epiphanies during my ten minutes in the sky. It was true! Floating at 1200 feet, weightless, on a sunlit lake… that’s the sort of thing that can’t help but bring you perspective and peace.

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3. Called “How I Spent My Summer Vacation”

I was a health management intern at the Mass General Hospital this summer via an opportunity provided through the joint auspices of Harvard’s Medical and Business Schools, and the experience was simply tremendous. I was able to shadow health executives a few times a week, including sitting in on board meetings with Peter Slavin, President of MGH, and also work on a small project at the Center for Connected Health that aimed to evaluate the impact of a Telemed program. The internship was interesting and informative, and allowed me enough time and flexibility to pursue projects of my own before the start of second year.

Read more here.


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